• Establisment and development

Formerly, it was a small bussiness established in 1997, then it was developed into Dai Hong Son Co., Ltd in 2004. After over 20 years, Dai Hong Phuc Manufacturing Trading Company Limited is still operating steadily in each period to maintain long-term commitment to its customers and to serve more customers in the future

Having operated in the fields of wood pallet production and purchasing the old stock for over 20 years, the company now has 5 affiliations and over 200 employees working in many fields: Manufacturing Wood Pallets & Plastic Pallets, Purchasing the old stock and scrap material, Purchasing the factory and machinery, industrial hygiene, supplying manpower and so on. The company ceaselessly improve itself, develop its business operation and serve its customers.

• Vision

Dai Hong Phuc provides a close, consistent and durable strategy, which brings its customers, employees and shareholders many benefits. We don’t sell our products but we help our customers find the products they need.
Dai Hong Phuc will be the best partner for the customers when using Pallets as well as liquidating the industrial scrap material. We will provide the high quality and reliable products and services in the environment that promotes safety, innovation and sustainability.

• The staff

The staff works with collective strength, learning from each other, and innovation all the time. The consolidation of the staff is our commitment to provide the best products and services to the customers. Attaching special importance to providing high quality and innovative solutions, we always find out about our customers and business partners so that any supporting information shall be reliable and timely all the time. Our staffs, at any time, are willing to provide products and services with their faithness and honesty to our customers.

• Community

To become the good citizens who can create value for the community we are operating in the social, environmental and economic factors, Dai Hong Phuc acknowledged that as a business operating in the market for over 20 years, we are obliged to contribute positively to the society and the living environment. It is necessary to contribute to the charities to develop a better living environment. Furthermore, we encourage our employees to support local organizations and contribute their initiative to bring benefits for the community. We maintain high standards of business ethics and integrity based on the Company's Operating Principles, which ensures the positive mutual interaction between the Company, the staff and the community where Dai Hong Phuc is operating.

• Health Safety

Dai Hong Phuc conducts its business operations with the highest concern regarding the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the community in the neighborhood. The company commits to sustain a safe working environment at any workplace. We continuously upgrade our warehouses, repair our equipment and significantly improve safety, reduce the noise, injury risk and save the energy. The health and safety policy provided by Dai Hong Phuc is applied, revised and updated all the time as stipulated and the human values is always our concern.

• Environment

Dai Hong Phuc believes that economical use of natural resources allows to bring the company competitive advantages. Economical energy strategy is a part of keeping the manufacturing costs at the minimum level so that we can offer the most competitive price in the market. Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy aims to increase real benefits by reducing wastes, reducing impacts of backfilling the garbage, enhancing recycling the scrap material as well as pallets, installing equipment to improve efficiency in using the energy and increase local recycling resources to minimize discharge of the waste and exhausted gas.

In fact, by making use of the components of the plant to make the pallets, we help reduce a part of the logging as well as the discharge of waste into the environment. Dai Hong Phuc ensures to comply with environmental laws and regulations all the time. The company commits to participate in the struggle against the climate change, which is not only in warehousing and supply chain operations but also in product design and application. Environmental factors are always in our leading priority as they can bring real benefits and active impact to employees, communities and businesses.

• Development in the future

Dai Hong Phuc commits that it shall reach higher goals. Your success is our great happiness. We will serve the customers with our heart and enthusiasm to accompany with you in the future.


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